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Kalevala national museum of rune singers

Kalevala is one of the most picturesque places in northern Karelia. It is the native land of the epos "Kalevala" that is known all over the world. Karelian people wrote down the most substantial ancient runes in the territory of modern Kalevala area, in its historical villages. Our area and settlement are named after this epos. The nature of Kalevala region possesses unique beauty. The region has uneasy history which is worth learning. Therefore it explains why there is interest towards our northern area of tourists who visit it. It is known, that  the tradition of rune singing in the north of Karelia has been there for many centuries; legends and songshave been transferred from generation to generation, thus not interrupting “alive” communication of times. The rune singers have glorified Kalevala region - Elias Lönnrot wrote down runes which they sang. Thus Elias Lönnrot created the epos "Kalevala". Lönnrot, the Finnish doctor and the scientific, the tireless collector of fleeces, visited repeatedly Vienan Karjala, and wrote about Uhta visit (nowadays Kalevala settlement) in 1836: " I have been already here for three weeks. I write down runes, songs, fairy tales, proverbs, riddles, etc. I may write down fairy tales, and especially histories, or “starinat” as they are named here for two months more, as they are infinite... " Rune singing has been kept up to now- and it is still possible to hear fragments of wedding, epic, lullabies songs and spells in execution of old residents. The unique exposition that reflects the rich heritage of our ancestors, and represents rune singing tradition of this territory is created in Kalevala national museum of rune singers. The exposition is located in the memorial house of the national narrator Maria Remshu where in 1984 Kalevala museum of rune singers was opened due to the people interested in preservation of the region history. There are more than 300 exhibits in museum, basically, these are memorial things of storytellers of Kalevala region. In 2006 the use of multimedia technologies was emphasized in the exposition through the project “Slow legend of fleeces” (“Run nespeshnoe skazanie”). The use of multimedia technologies makes it possible not only to keep, but also to raise effect from the perception of almost disappeared genres (runes, joigu, plachi, etc.). The multimedia program has been created. It contains a versatile material - travel history of Finnish researchers of Vienan Karjala of 19 centuries, maps of travel, etc. There are excursions on various subjects in Maria Remshu's memorial house-museum. Some of them are “Rune singing traditions of Kalevala region”, “The dwelling is well cut down, the house is accurately built ", “Elias Lönnrot - his life and creativity”, “Kalevala” comes to life”, “Suzhenaja is ready, your utochka is dressed”, “Lönnrot’s travels “, “Traditional employment of northern karelians” , etc. the Museum also organizes meetings with local folklore collectives and old residents of  Kalevala settlement.


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